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How Many Children Will Die? We Can Help

A promise of hope for the children. We can make it happen.

$10,050 raised

$50,000 goal

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PICU. We Need You.


It's not a new superhero flying through the skies. It's better.

PICU is a Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. And our best partner in responding to Nepal's COVID crisis, the Nepal Korea Friendship Municipal Hospital in the Municipality of Thimi will create it. Is creating it. And that's a pretty super thing to do.

We have committed ourselves to joining them in an effort to create a PICU. It is, we know, a big undertaking. But, if saving the lives of children in need isn’t worth a big undertaking, then tell me -- what is?

We are seeking grants from philanthropic foundations but there’s no guarantee of the outcome and we won’t know for months if they will choose to help..Need doesn’t care about foundations’ timelines. Need is now.

So we’ve tapped into the the last of our reserves to fund special beds for the pediatric ward. It’s a start. And the good folks in Thimi are enlisting support too and I hope that other partners may be able to help us. There's plenty that needs doing. But while I don't know what others will ultimately do, I know what we can do when we have your support.

Once again we ask for your partnership. Once again, we put our hope in you. We’re trying to raise $50,000 now. And we promise you: if you join us as we make this new push, every penny we take in will go back out into the field. Every penny.

Please. Help us to save children’s lives now and in the future. Help us join with the leaders of Thimi Municipality as we create a dedicated Pediatric Intensive Care Unit at a hospital that is a model of what community hospitals can be.

A report in 2018 told us that there were 93 Pediatric Intensive Care beds in all of Nepal That was 1 bed for every 125,000 children. 1 bed. 125,000 children. You don't need it spelled out to know what that means. It is not good. But we can change that. We have to try.

So please. Donate here. Donate today. This is worth doing. This matters.

Please. Engage the children. Engage Nepal.